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About Easy Meals

Rosemark Easy Meals "Cookin' Made Easy." We provide all the finest ingredients you need to make the meals you love the most. All Easy Meal kits contain premeasured (MSG-Free) ingredients making sure all your family and friends will be begging you for your secret to getting it right every time. Easy Meal kits range from Dips, Desserts, Cheese Balls, Soups, Seasoning & Rubs, Chicken Salads, Main Courses and more

Who are the owners?


Don and Louise Vest are the owners of Rosemark Easy Meals. They first started making soy candles until they were introduced to easy meals. They premeasure each item by hand in their little shop behind their house, They are located in Rosemark, TN a suburb of Memphis. You can find them at local craft shows or flea markets around the mid-south. You can also purchase any of their products here on this page. Shop online or give them a call today!!


Rosemark Easy Meals.. "Cookin' Made Easy"


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Cheese Balls the perfect snack food
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